Ledent is a well-known retail brand as the specialist in rope. With Ledent we offer the most comprehensive range of ropes in the Benelux. To provide you the best possible service, we have complemented our offering with chains, steel wire accessories, cargo securing, roller shutter material and mats. We present this in attractive concepts, supported by informative POS material.

With Ledent, Corbeo targets both independent and larger retailers in the Benelux.

This brand offers articles for both the gardening shops and the DIY sector, but also consists of a large number of professional use ropes so that shops for professionals also find their needs.

With our Ledent brand, we offer a very wide range of ropes and accessories, allowing everyone to find the most suitable product for every use.

The Ledent brand is supported by product information on packaging and on point-of-sale info panels in order to assist the customer in his choice.

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