Belgian family-run business

Corbeo is a Belgian family-run business specialised in the manufacture and supply of rope and string for retail and specific industrial applications.

Our company was founded in 1978 by the Ledent family. From the beginning there was a focus on rope, initially as an importer and as a wholesaler. In 2015, the company was taken over by the current managers. In line with their vision, there was a focus on investment in digitalisation and production. As a result, there has been a shift towards more local added value and nowadays a large part of the products are made and packaged in Belgium.

With a team of 25 employees, we produce and distribute from our location in Zele over 5,000 different rope references, locally and internationally.

In the Benelux retail, Corbeo is the market leader with the Ledent brand, which offers a rope assortment with the largest choice on the market. With the Snuro brand, Corbeo targets European do-it-yourself shops that aim to offer a high-quality  high-revenu rope assortment. Retailers or wholesalers with adequate volumes can use our experience for production under their own private label.

Corbeo cooperates with a worldwide network of specialised partners and rope manufacturers. Based on our specifications and quality control, they offer a steady supply of quality raw materials and semi-finished products. These partners are located in Brazil, Egypt, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Tanzania, India, China and numerous European countries.   


Passionate about binding.


As a flexible and local manufacturer with a focus on sustainability, we are the European rope-reference for retail and professional users.


We uphold the values of honesty, respect, partnership and craftsmanship. These values govern our day-to-day actions and show who we are, what we represent and what binds us.

About us

Our team

Corbeo has meanwhile grown from a small family-run company into an SME with 25 employees, each of whom is motivated, passionate and enthusiastic. What binds us all is our passion.

Our sales team has representatives in the field to serve the retail sector in Belgium, and we have business developers for our national and international professional clients.