PRESS RELEASE - Zele, 19/08/2020

A few months after the move to the new company building in Zele and in the middle of the corona pandemic, Corbeo invests in a unique fully automatic 'ball winding machine'. This investment is in line with the corporate vision of realizing more added value locally in Belgium, a vision that is now fully supported by the #buylocal philosophy.

Our standard retail range in in 24 colors and 3 different diameters will be joined by a number of 'big brothers' in 3 and 4 mm. For years, the thicker cotton rope has been produced in large quantities and purchased by many large macramé customers. This rope is now adapted to the needs of the hobby craftsman and is offered in a 100% recycled packaging.

Like all companies, we at Corbeo adapt to the new reality of a life with COVID-19. The old way of working is slowly being replaced by a new normal.

We are committed to local and automated production. In order to meet the large (international) demand, we have increased our production capacity and purchased an extra twining machine.

Our new load securement catalogue is available. Discover our expanded assortment webbing slings, tie-down straps, bungee cords and nets.