Sisal rope is a natural rope made from the leaves of the Agave plant. Agave is a plant family with thick, fleshy, sword-shaped leaves that take years to develop fully. Sisal is a tropical plant of which only the leaves are harvested. The first harvest takes place after approximately five years. A machine is used to press the leaves to separate the pulp and fibers, while the plant’s juice can be used as a sweetener (Agave syrup) or to make tequila. The fibers of the leaves can be used to make rope and carpets. The fibers are brushed and laid out to dry. Then the decortication process starts, which produces lint to spin into yarn.

Originating from Southeast Africa and Latin America, with the best plants found in Madagascar, Tanzania and Brazil, our sisal is carefully produced from the highest quality white yarns. The greatest threats to harvesting are drought, strikes and war. If Agave plants do not get sufficient moisture, they do not grow well and fewer leaves can be harvested, or the leaves are of lesser quality.


  • 100% natural
  • Biodegradable
  • Characteristic smell
  • Coarse to the touch and hairy
  • Easy to knot

Technical details

  • Sisal string or twisted sisal string
  • Considerably lower tensile strength than synthetic rope
  • Little elasticity: can break if pulled
  • Moisture resistance: sisal expands in dry conditions and contracts in damp environments. Declines in quality when exposed weather conditions.
  • UV resistant
  • Not heat resistant
  • Natural coloring (white), but discolors due to UV exposure and weather conditions.

Sisal string


  • Lashing
  • String and binder twine for household and industrial use
  • For garden use


  • Two or three strand
  • Balls
Sisal paktouw

Twisted sisal rope


  • Cat scratching post
  • Rope toys for animals such as cats, parrots or parakeets
  • Decorative yarn


  • 3 strand twisted rope up to 6 mm
  • 4 strand twisted from 8 mm
  • Pre-packaged hanks
  • Bobbins
  • Reels
Gedraaid sisaltouw

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