Rope is an ‘endless’ product. Knots are often used to tie rope or to attach elements to the rope. Knots have a big impact on the tensile strength of rope and can reduce tensile strength by 50%. In addition, certain knots can loosen over time. For certain uses, it is therefore advisable to avoid knots and to rely on the structure of the rope. Our specialists use their expertise to apply these manual techniques professionally. Sectors we currently serve include theatre, building contractors, undertakers, visual merchandising/trade fair and shop fitting, industrial applications and outdoor activities.

Our specialist finishes are available for some ropes from 4 mm diameter and for both braided and twisted rope, always customized. A summary of our artisanal techniques, applied to one end or to both ends:

  • Cutting rope to length and:
    • Whipping (for natural rope)
    • heat sealing (for synthetic rope)
    • application of heat-shrink tubing
  • We also make:
    • round slings
    • round slings, with or without swivel hook
    • round slings with cover
    • round slings with ring
    • round slings with cover and ring
    • round slings with cover and hook
  • Continuous slings: the ends are woven together to produce a continuous ‘round’ sling.
  • Back splice or knots: the end of the rope is braided into the strands of the rope itself. That way, the reinforced end cannot fray.

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