2019, the year of big changes

08 Nov 2019

Our building, our address, our name… it’s a new beginning!


The same company with another name

In order to make a distinction between what we do as a company and the brands we distribute, our company name is changing to Corbeo. Our company structure and operations remain the same, although we communicate from Corbeo. In this way, we highlight our transition towards a manufacturer.

Ledent stays the well-known retail brand

Corbeo is manufacturer and distributor of the Ledent brand. The well-known fox with which everything started, remains the logo and brand for our retail range. Ledent is and stays your specialist in ropes with a deep assortment, extended with chains, steel wires, accessories, load securing and roller shutter material. Visually nothing changes in the shops.

New building

Poldergotestraat 22 – BE-9240 Zele

Our new building centralizes our offices, stock and production. With a substantial expansion of the production area, there is room for new machinery so that we can continue to focus on our local production. The building meets all modern requirements for efficient operations and a sustainable future. The building has the almost energy neutral label and investments have been made in sufficient solar panels to enable us to be self-sufficient in our own production. Loading docks and a larger logistics area ensure efficient handling of the goods. The location close to the E17 ensures easy access (Exit 12 Lokeren/Zele).

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