New macramé rope in assortment

01 Jul 2020

Our standard retail range in in 24 colors and 3 different diameters will be joined by a number of 'big brothers' in 3 and 4 mm. For years, the thicker cotton rope has been produced in large quantities and purchased by many large macramé customers. This rope is now adapted to the needs of the hobby craftsman and is offered in a 100% recycled packaging.

Macramé and craft rope

The fine cotton twines have a wide range of applications in decoration, craftwork, as binder or wrapping ropes or as gift ribbons. If you want to draw more attention to the rope, the thicker diameters are a solution. The twisted thicker cotton ropes are especially necessary in macramé works. It is a soft and fun rope to work with. With a little patience and creativity, a pair of scissors, a basic knowledge of knotting and possibly some finishing options such as pearls, you will soon obtain something to be proud of. Soon you might make your own bracelet, a plant pendant, a tapestry, a dreamcatcher or develop your own idea. Are you proud of all your crafting talent? Then don't hesitate to let us enjoy your creativity by tagging our company page on the socials.

Recycled cotton

We produce our macramé ropes from ecological cotton yarn, made from regenerated cotton fibers. The color palette is achieved by mixing different shades, without the addition of dyes. This gives us the most durable cotton ropes. As a result of this recycling and production process, traces of polyester and color deviations are possible in the rope.

Made in Belgium

Our product was fully developed and produced in Belgium. Our specialized machinery enables us to produce and finish ropes into marketable units. Our focus on sustainability played a major role in product development and go-to-market. We are constantly looking for packaging forms that minimize waste. Cotton is a natural raw material, all the more reason to go further in this ecological story.

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Posted by: corbeo