New twining machine increases capacity

06 Apr 2021

In order to meet the high demand for macramé, Corbeo has invested in a new twisting machine. 

Since the launch in 2018 of our macramé 3mm-4mm-5mm-6mm in both triple and single twist, the demand has increased tremendously. Corbeo produces the macramé rope in a sustainable way from regenerated cotton. It is sold under Corbeo's own brand, Ledent Macramé, but also as a private label for various European retailers. 

The new twisting machine from Spanish manufacturer Galan is of the latest generation. Equipped with IoT technology, it monitors all aspects of the production process and helps to ensure the high quality of our cords. 

The machine is integrated in our factory in such a way that the operators can handle the various production steps in an ergonomic way. Thanks to the solar installation, this production is also energy neutral. 

Posted by: corbeo