NEWSLETTER: A candy bag in macramé

16 Mar 2022

As kids we love sweets, and even now we are older, we can still be tempted by the sweetest of sins. Not only do the sweets taste delicious, the bright colours also make them look great. At Corbeo we were inspired by traditional candy stripes and created a special candy range. A whole lot of colours for you to make your most cheerful macramé work yet.

CANDY: Products in the spotlight!

This month candy stripes are in the spotlight. They are available in double twist macrame in 5 colour combinations, 3 mm thickness. In addition, we temporarily have two sets on sale: the candy box and the candy set.

Order now via the webshop because once it’s gone, it’s gone!

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Did you know? 

Have you ever wondered where macramé comes from? It is not just some passing fad, but has a long and rich history all over the world. The technique became popular in the Middle East in the 13th century. Macramé then spread through England, to China and further abroad. During long sea voyages, even sailors started knitting to pass the time. Not long after that, mass production came in, books about macramé started being written and its popularity gained momentum. So our product has a very long tradition!

About Corbeo

Corbeo has recently acquired a brand new overwinder. This electronic cross winder or x-winder is specially designed for thicker diameter yarns (5 to 10 mm) and at the same time allows us to programme very specific references as standard. Leading technology that also guarantees smooth service!

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