NEWSLETTER: Celebrate Carnival with Macramé!

12 Jan 2022

The carnival period is coming again! A time when we can escape the daily grind and completely transform ourselves into a different persona. Carnival also marks the yearly transition from winter to spring. That means the white landscape is exchanged for colourful, flowering trees and plants. Macramé lovers are also getting back to work with more colourful twine. We like to inspire them with our temporary carnival range.

CARNIVAL: Products in the spotlight!

Ecru/stormy blue

Single twist, 3mm
Regenerated cotton
Ref.:KC 3 ST-500E/STORM V 

Colourful mix

Single twist, 3mm
Regenerated cotton
Ref.: KC 3 ST-500MIX1 V

Ecru/forest green

Single twist, 3mm
Regenerated cotton
Ref.: KC 3 ST-500E/FOR V

Inspirational images

Get inspired: macramé plant hanger and wall hanger


Did you know?  

Macramé twine is available in two versions: single twist and double twist. But what is the difference between the two and for what applications do you use which version?



Single twist

  • Soft;
  • Fine fringes;
  • Twisted together separately;
  • Perfect for small applications that are mainly decorative and do not have to carry too much weight;
  • Can be combed out easily.


Double twist

  • Stronger and firmer: better for heavy things;
  • Yarn is twisted together in two steps, first to a single strand and then three single strands together;
  • If you loosen the three strands again, you can comb out loose, wavy fringes. This is ideal for adding texture to your work.


 For special applications, it is better to choose for thicker diameters.

About Corbeo

We produce our range of macramé ropes in our factory in Belgium. So you can be sure of production according to European standards, values and quality. To provide you and your customers with inspiration, from now on we will publish a monthly newsletter with some products in the spotlight.

Our new B2B portal recently came online. You can easily place orders through this web shop and make combinations of temporary products with the permanent range.

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