NEWSLETTER: Create macramé - coziness

12 Dec 2023

Brrr… it's getting cold and dark outside. Village centers and streets are transformed into magical light spectacles and there is a cozy Christmas market everywhere. Once home in front of the television, boredom sets in. Time for a new hobby! Bring the charm of the Christmas atmosphere into your interior and decorate with passion! With macramé baskets, dolls, plaids and cushions, etc. you can immediately make your interior a lot cozier. Fun pastime and at the next family party you can proudly show off your own creations. 

Feelings with sustainable products

Working with soft yarns made from sustainable raw materials and feeling the different textures provides a meditative experience. Experience the difference between double and single twist, reduce your stress level and calm your mind. Burst with energy during the holidays and relax between festive meals.

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Did you know that?

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to an ever larger group of consumers. Corbeo too is strongly committed to the environment. Our macramé cotton is a good example of a circular product. The yarns we use come from recycled and regenerated cotton fibres.

Corbeo used 26 tons of recycled cotton yarn this year. By working with these recycled and regenerated cotton fibers instead of pure cotton, we saved 208 million liters of water!

About Corbeo

Corbeo is a Belgian family business specialised in the manufacture and supply of rope and cord for retail sale and for specific industrial applications. We produce our range of macramé ropes in our factory in Belgium. So you can be sure of production according to European standards, values and quality.

Annual Christmas leave

From December 25 to January 1, we will be taking a break to celebrate the new year with our family and friends. Thank you for the wonderful cooperation over the past year! We are happy to be ready for you again from Tuesday 2 January. Happy holidays and a happy 2024!

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