NEWSLETTER: Macramé summer vibes

03 May 2022

With the first rays of spring sunshine, are you already dreaming of a hot, relaxing summer holiday? At Corbeo, we are already starting to feel those summer vibes, as you can see from our featured macramé colours! They conjure up thoughts of sun and sea, and are sure to get you in the mood. Our new colour SAND plunges you into a relaxed seaside atmosphere.

Summer colours in the spotlight!

With macramé cord in summer shades you can make creations that provide an instant holiday feeling. Discover our featured colours and get started right away! 

Rope 3 mm, double or single twist                                           Fine cotton rope
New colour: sand                                                                         Set of 6 summer colours
Supplemented with the summer colours
yellow and light blue

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Inspirational images

For a lazy holiday feeling


With our macramé cord in summer colours you can easily combine the useful with the pleasant. How about a brightly coloured macramé beach bag for example? Or a macramé hammock with which you can transform your garden into a holiday resort?

Did you know? 

Did you know that the largest hammock ever made was no less than 129.29 metres long? It was hand-knotted by a Dutch scout group in 2002 and was so enormous that it had to be hoisted into the air with two cranes.
Will you knot the longest hammock in the world in macramé and earn your place in the Guinness Book of Records? Or would you rather go for something more practical in our summer colours?

About Corbeo

At Corbeo we are increasingly asked to produce 5 mm or even 8 mm macramé rope.  Our current ring twisters allow us to achieve a maximum thickness of 4 to 5 mm. Now that's about to change! In future, thanks to our new twister machine, we’ll be able to twist thicknesses up to 10 mm. This new machine is thus a fantastic addition that will broaden our - and your - range of products!

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