NEWSLETTER: Macramé summer vibes 🌞

13 Jun 2023

With hot summer days, it's time to brighten up your home and garden with colorful decorations. And what could be better than cotton macramé in all bright colors to create a lively atmosphere? 

Colours in the spotlight!

Our cotton macramé collection consists of a wide range of bright colors. From bright pink to bright yellow, in double or single twist, there is something for everyone. Whether you are an experienced macramé artist or new to the world of knotting and braiding, our summer collection offers endless opportunities to express your creativity. 

Inspirational images

Did you know? 

We are increasingly asked to produce 5mm and 8mm macrame strings, in double or single twist. Good news, with our RTA machine we can produce thicknesses up to 10 mm!

About Corbeo 

Corbeo has invested in a new paper banding machine. This machine gives us the flexibility to print the wrappers around our ropes ourselves during the packaging process. The machine will give us independence, shorter lead times and a stable end result.   

From 21 to 30 July, our machines will take a break (and so will we 😄). Be sure to order in time so you have enough stock during the holiday period! 

Posted by: corbeo