NEWSLETTER: Macramé swinging into summer

06 Jun 2024

Summer is still approaching, so there's no better time to use your creative skills and make a beautiful swing chair for your garden or patio. Start creative now and enjoy the summer swinging. Find the perfect macramé rope in different thicknesses and lengths to make your project a success.

Why our macramé rope?

  • Quality: strong and durable rope, perfect for making a safe and stable swing chair.
  • Variety: available in various thicknesses and lengths, tailored to each specific design.
  • Splendor of colours: from neutral tones to vibrant colours, our range offers something for everyone.

Colours in the spotlight!

Due to great success, we have included the popular colourseucalyptus, sand and forest as standard in other thicknesses. Eucalyptus, sand and forest are now available in 1mm and 2,2mm (our references KC 0.5-50xx and KC DD-200xx, in EUC, ZA and FOR). 

These colours are perfect for any creative project, from finer details to robust designs. Whether you're into macramé, jewelry making or other creative work, these new additions give you even more opportunities to refine and perfect your work. Eucalyptus, sand and forest give a fresh and natural look to your projects.

Inspiration images

We developed a display that perfectly matches our story and our products. We chose natural materials and a neutral colour so the cotton macramé ropes can really come into their own. An attractive store presentation can make the difference between a passer-by and a customer. Displays draw attention to products, enrich the shopping experience and stimulate sales.

Did you know that?

The range of cotton rope in 3mm has been expanded with rolls in longer lengths of 500M and 800M. These new options are particularly suitable for the macramé swing chair, large wall hangings and various large-scale projects from curtains to decorative objects.

Posted by: corbeo