NEWSLETTER: Spring is on the way!

16 Feb 2022

The cold is slowly giving way to sunnier days. The forests are showing a hint of green, the buds on the trees are opening into flowers and the crocuses are blooming. In the distance, we can hear the Easter Bunny coming and we know that spring is just around the corner. That's why we are launching a special spring offer this month. Different colours, with something for everyone!

SPRING: Products in the spotlight!

Dark brown
Double twist, 3mm
Regenerated cotton
Ref.: KC 3-500DOBR

Single twist, 3mm
Regenerated cottonatoen
Ref.: KC 3 ST-250BUB

Single twist, 3mm
Regenerated cotton
Ref.: KC 3 ST-250LILA

Inspirational images

Tying your macrame to the Easter bunny?

Are you still looking for ideas? You can make so much more than bracelets... To let the inspiration bubble up, we have already made some rope figures.


Did you know? 

Sustainability due to regenerated cotton

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to an ever larger group of consumers. Corbeo too is strongly committed to the environment. Our macramé cotton is a good example of a circular product. The yarns we use come from recycled and regenerated cotton fibres.

Recycled cotton is produced mechanically. First, the fabrics and materials are sorted by colour. After sorting, the fabrics are passed through the machine that shreds them into yarn and then into raw fibre. The raw fibre is then spun into yarn for reuse in other products.

Due to the production method, reclaimed cotton always contains a proportion of other fibres - usually polyester. This does not affect the processing qualities of the rope at all, and even gives it extra strength. However, keep this in mind if you want to dye the rope or artwork. Dyes do not adhere to the polyester particles. If you want macramé rope that can be dyed, we offer virgin cotton. This is guaranteed 100% cotton.

No dyes are used. This means that the colour may vary slightly between different production batches. If you have a large project, make sure you buy enough rope from the same batch to avoid colour discrepancies if you have to buy extra material later.

About Corbeo

In January, we put two new fully automatic roll winders into operation. This increases our production rate, so you'll get your products even faster.

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