NEWSLETTER: The Indian summer feeling in your home

02 Sep 2022

The Indian summer combines the warmth of late summer with breath-taking autumn colour. The leaves on the trees will soon turn glorious shades of yellow, red and brown. We are slowly moving into a season where we spend a little more time indoors. So our homes deserve a touch of cheer again. Bring that special "Indian summer" feeling into your home with our new macramé trend colour: mustard yellow! 

Colour in the spotlight!

Mustard yellow is the trend colour of the moment. It’s a warm shade that looks a little darker and browner than ochre yellow, with an extra touch of green. 

Available in single and double twist in different diameters and lengths.
Example on the picture is 3mm: our references KC 3 ST-250MUST and KC 3-250MUST. 

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Inspirational images

An autumn atmosphere with warm summer memories


Add a huge dose of warmth and cheer with mustard yellow as an accent colour. Enjoy an autumnal atmosphere while reviving warm summer memories.  

Thank you! 

Eucalyptus was a great hit and charmed you all with its natural tranquillity. The orders came flooding in. So we want to thank you for the enthusiastic way you welcomed this new colour! Still not placed an order? We'll be keeping the colour for you in our range!

Did you know?  

Corbeo is based in Zele? Zele has a long history as a textile centre. Until the early 20th century, flax-growing and jute were important sources of income for local people.

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