Our contribution to a more sustainable world: Highlighting Climate Action, Sustainable production and consumption

22 Apr 2024

Today, we celebrate Earth Day! An important moment to reflect on our planet and the actions we take to protect and cherish it. As a global community, we have the responsibility to collaborate for a more sustainable future, where both people and the planet thrive. 

🌿 Looking at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, goals 12 and 13 - Responsible Consumption and Production, and Climate Action - are crucial for preserving our planet. These goals call for action at individual, corporate, and policy levels to reduce our ecological footprint and combat climate change.

🔄 Responsible consumption and production begin with awareness. By making conscious choices in what we purchase and how we produce, we aim to promote a positive impact on the environment and our communities. Specifically, this translates into: energy-efficient lighting in our buildings, digitization, waste recycling streams, circular products where we consciously opt for regenerated cotton instead of newly harvested cotton, polypropylene from recycled propylene granules, analysis of our rope remnants, and collaborating with the customer for more environmentally friendly solutions.

🌱 Climate action is also crucial for the future of our planet. We reduce our emissions, invest in renewable energy, and protect vulnerable ecosystems to mitigate global warming. For example, we encourage commuting by bike and electric cars. Our building is BEN labeled for energy-efficient construction, and we operate on solar panels. Because we also value that our partners engage in sustainable business practices, we have endorsed Amfori's codes of conduct. With the BEPI code of conduct, we reduce the ecological footprint in the global supply chain.

💡 Let's renew our commitment today, on Earth Day, to contribute to a more sustainable world. Whether it's small changes in our daily lives or large-scale initiatives in our organizations, let's collaborate to achieve goals 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production; and 13 - Climate Action, and have a positive impact on our planet and future generations.

Posted by: corbeo