Snuro, an international brand for rope and accessories

15 Dec 2020

With its brand Ledent, Corbeo is recognized as the specialist in the rope-twine-chain assortment for retail in the Benelux. With the launch of Snuro, the entire European market is accessible for this retail niche.

Snuro, a registered trademark, means 'cord' in the universal language Esperanto. With this trademark we will create a range of cords and accessories for retail. In addition, there is a special attention for durability and high rotating articles. Thanks to its packaging in 7 languages, Snuro can be efficiently exported to multiple countries. Sustainability is the distinguishing factor in our brand.

Sustainability can be found in several aspects. For example, most of the Snuro range is produced locally. Special attention is paid to the packaging, so that it has a protective and informative function, but at the same time as little impact on the environment as possible. Our assortment includes an above-average number of natural ropes, supplemented with the necessary synthetic ropes, chains and accessories.

The brand focuses on wholesalers who are looking for ropes, twines and chains to complement their existing wide assortment, and on the other hand on national retail chains outside the Benelux.

Posted by: corbeo