Sustainable business

Sustainability is a basic value at Corbeo and is present in all aspects of our business.

Our ropes

We prefer natural materials: sisal, flax, cotton, jute.... Where possible we opt for circular products. Our macramé cotton for example is made from regenerated cotton, and we offer polypropylene rope made from granulated recycled propylene.

Our packaging

We try to use mainly mono-material packaging and as little plastic as possible. At the same time, the packaging is a protection that avoids creating waste in the shops. We thus try to find a balance between sustainable packaging and functional packaging.

In order to contribute to the European directive on extended producer responsibility and to be in order with industrial packaging waste, we are a member of Valipac in Belgium (registration number 1100368505). We are also committed to reducing the environmental impact of our packaging that reaches the consumer. In France we are a member of Citeo (registration number 535662) and ADEME (registration number FR242729_01RJIU).

Our production

Our production runs on solar power. The solar installation provides the energy to make our entire production energy-neutral. Moreover, our building is modern and energy-efficient and has been awarded the BEN label (almost energy neutral).

Finally, we prefer electric cars and encourage our employees to bicycle to work. We also try to work digital as much as possible.

Waste management

Throughout the company we are strongly committed to waste management and we insist on separate waste flows. We have different types of waste containers, the machines have separate waste bins for each waste stream, we recycle one way wooden pallets, etc. We also sort rope residues separately so that they do not end up in the general waste.

Supply chain

Corbeo manufactures locally. Therefore, we mainly import raw materials and semi-finished products, which implies less containers needed. This focus on the short chain significantly reduces the CO2 emissions of sea freight.

Inclusive entrepreneurship

We do not only strive for profit, but are also strongly committed to diversity. We were awarded the "inclusive enterprise" certificate in 2020.

For our partners as well

As we believe it is important that our partners also adhere to a sustainable way of working, we have endorsed Amfori's codes of conduct (registration number 18035). We carry out our own inspections of suppliers and subcontractors. Using the Amfori checklist, we control whether the right standards are being respected in terms of labour conditions, fire safety, ban on child labour, etc.


BSCI is a code of conduct for sustainable production chains; it signifies that factories meet standards that guarantee local working conditions.



BEPI is a code of conduct to reduce the ecological footprint in the entire supply chain. It covers guidelines as energy consumption, emissions of CO2 and management of chemical substances.