Corbeo manufactures HortiRay organic horticultural twine. Our twine is 100% natural and made of cotton and rayon, thus biodegradable. It is available in different strengths depending on the crop (e.g. tomatoes, eggplants, beans). We make a specific variant from cotton and jute for cucumbers. In addition to in-house production of HortiRay, Corbeo is also a distributor of jute binder twine and polypropylene binder twine for various horticultural applications. Sisal string is also often supplied for packaging applications.

We also specialize in niche applications such as chrysanthemum twine, string cut to size for tying Christmas trees together, asparagus twine and polyester cord for hoods.

In addition to our range of twine, we offer other horticultural products such as soft tie tubing, tree ties and turnbuckles, amongst others.

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